Monday, 4 April 2011

A new project (and a new look)

Now that I'm no longer a Brit abroad, it's proving quite a challenge to keep on blogging here (although I welcome any excuse to leave the country, so I'm having fun trying). Now that I'm back in Oxford, I've decided to put my healthy appetite to good use and set myself a mission to eat in as many of the city's restaurants as I can in a year. This undertaking is editor's salary permitting of course, but the abundance of both penniless and trust-fund toting students means that Oxford's culinary landscape has something for all budgets.

Girl Eats Oxford kicked off at the beginning of April with a visit to one of my own former student haunts in a new guise: the grubby Goose has become the rather glamorous Red Lion gastro pub, offering some good quality but rather pricey modern European dishes. Next, I followed one of the recommendations tweeted to me @girleatsoxford. Which eating establishment should I frequent this week? If you know Oxford, send me your suggestions via the blog.

 Also, as you have hopefully noticed, Tales of a Brit Abroad has had a bit of a one-year anniversary makeover. I'd love to hear what you think of the new look.


  1. Hi Kate, I just wanted to make a quick and harmless comment on your profile. Not all of us who live on the Costa del Sol are typical brits abroad. I live in Marbella, have done for nine years, speak fluent Spanish and live with my Catalan boyfriend and our four year old bilingual daughter. Don't bunch us all in the same hat please!!

  2. Thanks for the comment Louise. I probably should rephrase that. I'm not talking about people like you at all, I know there's a lot of diversity and I probably haven't phrased it very well - it was hard to get a short profile right!


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